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productive employees

Call it hybrid, distributed, or remote working, the new normal is here. With it comes an expectation that employees need the flexibility and tools to perform their work from any geographic location. The ‘work from home’ scenario over the last few years has resulted in a number of challenges that organisations never had to face before. Things like Employee Engagement, Security and End User Support are suddenly top areas of concern. This combined with the fact that the workforce has largely evolved from the use of traditional workstations and continue to rely heavily on mobile devices and an ‘always connected’ demand has allowed for a different approach when it comes to end user computing.

Let’s talk tool kits

If they are to remain relevant, companies must provide staff with the tools and access required to accommodate a more personalised way of working whist still ensuring operational efficiencies and high productivity. A recent report by Forrester found that by using reliable innovative technology, companies will boost both customer and employee engagement and satisfaction levels. In this same period, Apple has seen an unprecedented increase in Enterprise adoption. And this is not a mere coincidence.

3...2...1... Deployed!

With Apple Business Manager and the use of Mobile Device Management (MDM) technology the new environment sees new Mac’s dispatched to employees remotely enabling people to work immediately with devices already set up with the necessary tools through quick and easy deployment. Let us help you with your device deployment needs.

Reduced IT Support

With a ‘zero-touch’ deployment process and MDM, enrolment and deployment of Mac is considerably simpler than that of PCs. Additionally, organisations can manage more Mac devices per IT Support Agent and the IT Service Desks receive fewer service tickets from Mac users.

Reduced risk with better security

According to Forrester, the security by design approach of Apple reduces the risk of a data breach by 50% per deployed Mac. Features like automatic data encryption, antimalware capabilities, and the ease of enrolment into mobile device management are all critical for organisations. A leader of corporate IT in the financial services industry said: “We haven’t had any malware incidents in the three years since we moved to a 100% Mac deployment. We can see the traction and retention benefits, the productivity, and the innovation that Mac enables. But, ultimately, we went with Mac for security, and it’s very strong.”

A strong, seamless Eco System

The Apple Eco System allows for superior synch and management across iPhone, iPad and Mac. This enables increased productivity, better flexibility and overall better employee engagement and performance. Apple also makes mobility easy through the ability have all documents accessible on iPad, mac or iPhone so if you working on a document on your Mac and move to a meeting you can handoff to your iPhone or iPad and continue working on the same document.

Reliability and Longevity

Companies are looking for savings in all areas and key to this in the hardware stack and one of the increased cost areas has been swapping out devices that have failed or have hardware issues. Mac is proven to be more reliable, and this ensures continuity and less downtime.

iStore Business ran an internal study covering clients that had more than 2,000 Apple devices and found that in warranty claims were under 1% (over 3 years).

Mac and iPad also had longer lifespans with free OS updates for 5+ years. Certain large clients were also able to extend device lifecyles to over 5 years for Mac and 4 years for iPad. Recent global studies have shown that purchasing a premium mac had an ROI of 3 months and a team of 9 engineers would save $100,000 in productivity over a single year by switching to Mac.

Buy and try Mac for your business risk free

With an innovative ‘try before you buy’ concept, iStore Business enables organisations to test out the cost-savings, efficiency gains, and performance improvements that moving to this user-friendly, secure, and integrated ecosystem will bring before fully making the transition.