Frequently asked questions

We receive large amounts of applications and make every effort to screen all of them.


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Available positions


Visit the job portal where all available positions are listed. Remember to be specific about which position and iStore you are applying for.


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iStore future leader program

A one year leadership program that will give you a solid base for a holistic business experience.


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iStore Values


Our customer experience is everything. We give it our best every day. We live the brand. iStore is best place to work


Frequently asked questions


Will I get feedback on my application?

We receive large amounts of applications and do every effort to make sure we screen all of them. If you do not hear anything in two weeks your application for the vacancy was not successful. Make sure you specify the position you are interested in as well as the iStore you are applying for.


Where do I apply? 

On our Career Portal or on the job portal where you see the advert. 


Do I need to own Apple products in order to apply?

We look for people with passion for the products and who love to work with people and change lives. As long as you are interested and curious to learn more about Apple products we will give you the tools to become an expert!


Will I receive training?

Yes. We have internationally accredited trainers on our team. We will provide you with world class training before and during employment.


How do I know which iStore I will be based in?

When you apply, you need to specify which iStore you have a preference for or the geographical region you are based in.

iStore Future Leader program




The iStore Future Leader Programme is an internal development initiative that offers personal and professional growth to iStore team members. At iStore we care about the development of individuals and the FLP shapes and creates our leaders for tomorrow.


The FLP gives iStore team members the opportunity to refine their leadership skills to become our next managers. FLP runs for 12 months and is an intense yet exciting learning experience. 


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