Apple at Work:
User Stories

Apple and iStore business will change the way you do business. For good.

Small and large businesses use Apple products to collaborate, scale, and simplify how they run. The power and productivity boost has an exceptional effect on employees, departments and across multiple industries. But don’t just take our word for it - here’s what some of SA’s leading companies have to say about Apple at work.

CEM Air Airline

With the guidance of the expert iStore Business team, CemAir successfully migrated operations to iPad. With this move, in flight operations are bolstered, streamlining operations, and driving total practicality.

Syft Analytics Accounting Software Company

Since 2021, iStore Business has been working closely with Syft Analytics to drive productivity and enhance operations. “Implementing Apple across our organisation, the iStore Business team deployed Macs for our entire team. This was a smooth and effortless process, with excellent support and total reliability,” confirms Vangelis Kyriazis, Co-founderand CEO at Syft Analytics.


“The adoption of Mac, particularity in our Finance department, has really improved productivity and efficiency" says Panda CFO. iStore Business can help you integrate Mac within your business to improve overall productivity.

KōL Izakhaya Restaurant

KōL Izakhaya has partnered with iStore Business and TabletPOS to revolutionise their restaurant operations. By leveraging iPad technology, KōL Izakhaya is streamlining processes, enhancing customer experiences, and staying ahead of the curve in the competitive restaurant industry. From order management to payment processing, iPad solutions are empowering KōL Izakhaya to deliver exceptional service with efficiency and style.

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