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Technical Support

Book a tech appointment, trade in evaluation or battery and screen replacements at your nearest iStore here.

Please read through the below before making a booking.

Your product must be backed up before coming into store.

We can unfortunately not assist if this hasn’t been done.

How to Back-up my Mac

Learn more

How to Back-up my iPhone, iPad or iPod

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Ensure that your device has been backed up prior to your booking date. Potential costs once you arrive for your appointment may include:

  • R200 - Fee if device is not purchased from iStore.
  • R450 - Fee for complex tech support if device is not purchased from iStore.
  • R250 - Insurance quote for iPhone or iPad.
  • R600 - Insurance quote for Mac when device is out of warranty.

Online Collect. Repair. Deliver Service

If you don’t live near an iStore and need to book your product in for a repair, you can use our online repair service.