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If you’ve ever found yourself asking “How would I do that on my Mac, iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch?” Then this one’s for you. Get dedicated time with an iStore Trainer in a way thats truly personal - in the comfort of your home. Work through your questions at your own pace, in your own space. Focused on Apple software and product queries, this does not include technical support or training on third party software.

One-to-One Training

One-to-One Training

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Join Vuyo Mpantsha, creator and producer at the I See A Different You creative collective and explore how to take photos on iPhone just like the professionals. He will show you how to compose and capture a great shot, how to take amazing portrait photos and share techniques for taking photos in any environment. You’ll learn grid composition, portrait mode and finding the correct lighting. Vuyo will also share his first impressions of using iPhone 12 Pro for photography and video over the holiday [...]
Join Missing Link, the presentation academy who are experts in presentation strategy and speaker training, for a masterclass presentation workshop that is designed to help you explore the methods they use to build presentations that engage audiences and drive results. You will learn the tools and techniques to change the way you create your Keynote presentations from narrative to design. Missing Link have trained TED Global fellows, hundreds of executives and thousands of other presenters around [...]
Discover why iPhone is loved by millions and how switching from Android to iPhone will make your life so much easier. In this session we’ll explore how simple it is move all you data from Android using the Move to iOS app, how everything just works out of the box, and how your information is kept safe. Learn about features you will love like the amazing camera, iCloud, FaceTime and more. If you ever considered switching to iPhone or maybe ready to get your first smartphone, join us and see for y [...]
They say the best camera in the world is the camera you have on you. So let’s show you how to take your iPhone photo skills to the next level. See your new homebound life in a new way by using lighting, exposure, and other amazing photo editing features on your iPhone to create lasting memories. Get ready to capture every photo op like a pro.
Getting fit with a partner is much easier than getting fit on your own. So let’s introduce you to your new ultimate home workout partner, the Apple Watch. Let Apple Watch help you stay active whilst you're homebound by tracking your workouts, creating challenges so you can go toe-to-toe with friends and family or simply monitor and improve your overall health.
Working from home? Then mastering shortcuts, multitasking, file management and a range of other work from home tips and tricks will help you get things done better than ever. Let us show you how simply these and other features built into your Mac will help you to work faster, more efficiently and increase your productivity. Take away a wide range of techniques that’ll help you and your Mac get more done, effortlessly.

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