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Fully managed cybercare for your business.

infoSec by iStore Business is here to eliminate your stress and compliance concerns through our unified cyber security solution designed to shield businesses from cyber threats. Our security experts and software provide oversight and proactive defence strategies, ensuring comprehensive protection for your valuable data and systems. Leaving you with peace of mind from the threats of hackers and financial loss.

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The challenges businesses face:

Being hacked

Business owners face increasing concerns over data breaches, hackers, IP being stolen, compromised account credentials, phishing, and malware attacks. This leads to business disruption and financial loss.

Regulator and Vendor Compliance

Lack of a comprehensive security posture can lead to loss of business opportunities due to failing third party risk assessments.

Unhelpful solutions

Business owners struggle to find cyber solutions that accurately protect them, and to manage these solutions that are often complex. This leads to them not finding value in their chosen solution.

Constantly evolving

Recognising the evolving threat landscape, we've identified key vectors and attack paths of malware and threat actors.

Email protection

Given the growing significance of email as a primary attack route. A solution beyond the basic protections offered by Gmail and Outlook is required.

Endpoint protection

With the surge in polymorphic and fileless malware, traditional antivirus solutions are no longer reliable when it comes to securing devices.

Secure backups

Conventional cloud backups require an alternative solution to effectively combat threats. A secure backup is needed to ensure compliance and business preparedness in the event of a breach.

How our solution helps:

Peace of Mind

Our tailored security solution provides businesses with active management and safeguarding by cybersecurity experts. With our solution you can rest assured.

Regulator and Vendor Compliance

Our comprehensive approach goes beyond SOC and NIST standards, addressing information (POPIA) and vendor compliance. By prioritising actual security safeguards, we empower businesses to confidently navigate third-party risk management assessments, eliminating concerns that may impact potential partnerships and kickback from regulators.

Business Continuity

Collaborating closely with our clients, we minimise disruption to daily operations. This helps reduce the risks of financial loss and business disruption.

Reporting and Managing of software

Our commitment to rapid incident resolution is complemented by monthly reports and recommendations covering monitoring, remediations, and best practices, ensuring a consistently updated security infrastructure.

What our solution consists of:

We offer more than just industry-leading products in cyber protection - we also manage those
products for you, providing you with a full, stress-free solution.

Endpoint Security

Proactive Threat Detection and Response

We deploy SentinelOne, an EDR solution, across all endpoints. This robust endpoint protection suite along with our expert management, not only mitigates threats but also enables effective monitoring of system alerts, investigation of suspicious activities and files, and reporting on vulnerabilities within the environment.


Cyber Backup for Data Resilience

We implement a cyber secure backup strategy for essential files stored on endpoints using Acronis Cloud. This backup solution ensures data resilience by safeguarding against malware, accidental deletion and helps with auditing and forensics.

Email Security

Advanced AI-Powered Email Protection

We upgrade your email security infrastructure by utilising Perception Point, a leading email filtering service. This platform offers advanced AI scanning capabilities to detect and mitigate various email-based threats including malicious links, attachments, phishing attempts, and Business Email Compromise (BEC) attacks.

The unified solution

We remove cyber security complexity

Choose from these products or get them all as the full infoSec solution to strengthen your defences and face the digital future with confidence and compliance. The solution can be easily deployed via MDM and we work hand-in-hand with any MDM team to ensure the implementation of any security findings.

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Advanced AI-Powered Email Protection

Cutting-edge AI-based email filtering system scrutinises incoming and outgoing emails in real-time, identifying and blocking malicious content, phishing attempts, and spam before they reach your inbox.

Cyber Backup for Data Resilience

Accidents happen, but they don't have to cripple your business. Our Managed Cyber Back up ensures that your critical data is regularly and securely backed up, providing you with the ability to quickly recover in case of dataloss or system failure

Proactive Threat Detection & Response

A Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) service that actively monitors your network, identifying and neutralising potential threats before they escalate. This proactive approach significantly reduces risk and minimises potential damages.