Solutions and resources for all educators, in and out of the classroom

Unlocking new dimensions of teaching and learning, Apple products empower educators to delve deeper into their subjects and ignite their creativity in unprecedented ways. Embark on a journey of exploration with our wide range of programmes and curricula, meticulously crafted by Apple educators for educators of all disciplines. Discover innovative approaches and reimagine your teaching practices to nurture a vibrant and dynamic learning environment.

Apple Teacher

Apple Teacher is a free professional development programme aimed to support you using Apple products in the classroom. Designed by Apple to provide the foundation of how to use your device and integrate it into your classroom.

Kick start the Apple Teacher Programme at your school. iStore Education will come to your school and facilitate an Apple Teacher Bootcamp, it is an exciting and engaging event to introduce teachers to the programme and get them started on their Apple Teacher journey.

Everyone Can Create

The Everyone Can Create guides are a free set of resources to help you ignite the creativity in every student.

As part of our teacher training offering, we train teachers to integrate the Everyone Can Create guides to support their curriculum goals. Let’s spark curiosity and nurture creativity through iPad.

Teaching Code with Apple

Coding continues to play an important and crucial role in our lives and in education. With Apple’s Everyone Can Code curriculum, you can now introduce code to your students.

Our coding professional learning sessions provide opportunities for all levels, from writing your first line of code to flying a drone.

Apple Professional Learning

At our core, we recognise the importance of ongoing professional development and its impact on education. Our mission is to design and deliver personalised training programmes tailored to meet the unique needs of your teachers. Our workshops are led by education specialists who possess unparalleled expertise in harnessing the power of Apple products for effective teaching and learning. These specialists serve as coaches and mentors, empowering teachers to enhance their technology skills and foster innovation, ultimately engaging students in meaningful, transformative learning experiences.

Reaching all learners

iPad and Mac are all-in-one assistive devices, with free and built in accessibility features to support students with a range of differing needs to access the curriculum and become independent learners.

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Join our Facebook group, Couch to Class. An EdTech community brought to you by iStore Education. To support teachers as we navigate all kinds of learning environments. Offering group members access to powerful products, guidance on tools, inspiration and curricula to help you to continue to teach - anytime, anywhere