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Stretch your school’s edtech budget

without compromising on quality of learning, productivity or security

Include Mac and iPad in your teacher device subsidy plan with our Teacher Choice programme.

We will work out the plan to meet your requirements - and giving your teachers the choice of the devices they want.

Trade in and trade up

Trade in your institution’s Chromebooks, Windows laptops, tablets, iPads, Macs.

Education institutions get
preferential pricing

plus volume discounts

Buy & try Mac risk free
from iStore Education

from only R14 782 (excl. VAT)

Education rental programme

Upgrade your institution's technology with ease through our Education Rental programme.
With this programme, you can ensure that your faculty members, teachers, and students have access to the most up-to-date technology, enabling them to produce exceptional results.

(9th Gen) | 64GB | WiFi



iPad rental includes:

• iPad 9th Gen | 64GB | WiFi

• Cover

• iCare Plus extended warranty

Apple M1 Chip | 256GB



MacBook rental includes:

• MacBook Air | Apple M1 Chip | 256GB

• iCare Plus extended warranty

Rental benefits include:

Devices are always under warranty

Swap out service with loan unit -
no teaching and learning downtime

Remote hardware support

No upfront costs

No need for depreciating IT assets
on your balance sheets

All rental payments are tax deductible

Reduce costs in managing IT hardware

Review your EdTech Total Cost of Ownership

Chat to the iStore Education team about our innovative solutions to stretch your school’s EdTech budget without compromising on quality of learning, productivity or security.

Reduce disposal and
decommissioning costs

Avoid technology
becoming obsolete

Spreading costs
over time

Reduce the cost of legacy
systems and equipment

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