Accessibility in
Education Course

Learn how you can use iPad technology to successfully include, understand and empower children with disabilities and learning barriers in inclusive and special needs education. We know how challenging it is to have so many diverse needs in one classroom, and this course aims to support you.

Why iPad?

One in seven students worldwide have a disability that can impact their learning. Educators find iPad ideal for meeting diverse learning needs because it gives all students access to create, communicate, personalise, and explore in new and powerful ways.

Minimum requirements

No formal education qualifications are required. A basic understanding of how to use iPad is beneficial but not necessary. All attendees must have their own iPad running iPadOS 13 or higher.

Specific requirements

If you have a specific requirement, including closed captions, image descriptions or SASL interpreters, iStore Education will be able to accommodate you.

Reaching all learners

This course explores both disability inclusion in the education environment and how you can harness the power of Accessibility on your iPad to ensure full participation and independence for children and adults within your educational institution.

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Course Dates

Start: 5 September 2023

End: 24 October 2023


Weekly workshops on Zoom


Single booking R4000

Group bookings: R3500 for 5+ tickets

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Course attendance certificate.
SACE points are available.

The Accessibility in Education Course was both educational and inspirational. It was wonderful to meet such a variety of educators in different fields of life and learn so much from each and every one of them. The course is tough and requires commitment and practice but it is the perfect balance of theory and practical.

Jenna Robertson

Thulasizwe School for Autism.

I am blown away by the possibilities and opportunities that are available. I am left feeling inspired to make every lesson that I teach fully inclusive and accessible. This course has equipped me with the knowledge I need in order to make this ideal a reality.

Monique Langlois

Clifton Preparatory School

Thank you for one of the most enlightening experiences of my lifetime in education. Every week I would learn about features on the iPad that I had no idea existed. My most enjoyable moments were when peers shared their stories, experiences, and lesson plans. I learnt a lot from that as it is so different from my place of work.

Rens Pillay

Varsity College

Key focus areas:

This course is broken into two areas, Disability Inclusion Fundamentals and iPad Accessibility. Just as important as it is to know how to use the Accessibility features on the iPad, it is even more important to have an understanding of disabilities in general to ensure your students with disabilities have a safe and inclusive environment where they can truly flourish and achieve a sense of belonging.

This course broadly encompasses all disabilities including; learning, neurodiverse, sensory, vision, hearing, physical and motor disabilities. After completing this course if you would like to go into more detail with one sub-group of disabilities, please feel free to contact our team, as we would love to walk this road with you.

Who should attend?

This course is designed to support anyone working in education with students with any disabilities. If you have an interest in how Apple technology can support students with disabilities than this is the course for you. This includes:

  • Principals, managers and HOD's
  • Teachers, teaching assistants and lecturers
  • Remedial support, therapists and tutors
  • Parents, guardians and care takers
  • IT/Tech staff
  • Educational Institutions diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging team
  • DPO's, NPO's NGO's working in education with children with disabilities

Course facilitator and presenter

Chelsea Williamson

Chelsea works at iSchoolAfrica and iStore Education as the Programme Manager for Disability Inclusion and Accessibility.

She holds her Honours in South African Sign Language (SASL) and is completing her Masters (LLM) Disability Rights for Africa. She is also a Tedx Studio Speaker advocating for Disability Inclusion.

How you will benefit:

Disability inclusion aims

  • Increase your general awareness and understand the challenges experienced in education by students with disabilities.
  • Interact appropriately and respectfully with students and teachers who have disabilities.
  • Understand how to support students when they disclose a disability, and navigate the accommodation process.
  • Foster a supportive and inclusive environment for students with disabilities.
  • Increase your awareness around the need for Accessibility for students and teachers with disabilities.
  • Increase your general awareness around Apple Accessibility available on all Apple products.
  • Understand how to access and use:
    1. the vision Accessibility features available on iPad for students and teachers who are blind, low vision and colour blind.
    2. the Physical and motor Accessibility features available on iPad
    3. the hearing Accessibility features available on iPad for students and teachers who are Deaf and Hard-of-hearing
    4. the Cognitive Accessibility features available on iPad for students and teachers who having learning, neurodiverse and sensory disabilites.