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iPhone is packed with impressive features for work. By handing your team an iPhone you're empowering them with the perfect on-the-go solution that enables collaboration, file-sharing and fluid multitasking. From anywhere. The game-changing chips supercharge your work day and all-day battery life keeps the tasks flowing.

Here’s why iPhone is best in business:

Seamless integration

Experience the ease of integration across Apple devices and business applications for streamlined operations.

iPhone and MacBook showing seamless integration

Apps up to every task

Explore a world of business-enhancing applications. Collaborate on Google Docs, attend a conference call on Zoom or make updates on Microsoft Excel and much more.

iPhone with Microsoft Excel running on it

Super secure

iPhone keeps your sensitive business data safe with robust security features that are built right in.

Long-term investment

iPhone is a wise, long-term investment offering durability and extended lifespan with higher trade-in values when you’re ready to upgrade.

Expert support from iStore Business

Our Apple at Work experts are there to make the adoption of this innovative technology quick and easy for your business. Equip your employees with iPhone and streamline efficiencies across your business with iStore Business on your team.

Equip your team with iPhone on a Business Rental Deal

iPhone 13




iCare Extended Warranty + Cover + Screen Protector
valued at R2398

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Benefits of our Business Rental Deals

Improved Productivity

Instead of committing to long-term ownership, renting offers you the agility to upgrade or switch devices based on changing requirements or advancements in technology.

Improved Cash flow

Renting ensures that your business can utilise cutting-edge technology without the need for substantial initial capital. This is particularly advantageous for staying current with the latest technology to maintain competitiveness.

Predictable Expenses

Renting typically involves predictable monthly expenses, reducing the financial burden of upfront investments. This predictable cost structure simplifies budgeting and enables you to allocate resources more efficiently.

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