Cloud Backup and Disaster Recovery

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Ensure your key systems are always up with secure backup and recovery

Planning ahead for when disaster strikes is just good business. That’s why we specialise in ensuring that your team is ready for the unexpected. By putting proactive disaster recovery processes in place, we can help you keep your business in business.

Endpoint Backup

Full encrypted automated customisable backup.


Reduce risk by ensuring your data storage and security complies with industry and area.

Data Sovereignty

Your data remains 100% safe in our dedicated, highly secure, local data centres.

Eliminate Downtime

We ensure the integrity and continuity of your business.

Easy Reporting

You are in complete control of your data via our secure management portal.

Expect the unexpected

There are some things you just can’t predict. Floods, hurricanes, fires etc. One thing that has become apparent over the last few years is that every business out there is prone is being a victim of some kind of cyber attack.

Your data is the driving force behind your business and it is imperative that a comprehensive data backup and recovery strategy is in place. Our disaster recovery services are designed to help you rest easy, knowing that while you can’t predict when disaster will strike – you can be prepared for it.

Gain complete peace of mind

When a disaster strikes the last thing you want to worry about is whether or not your disaster recovery plan will work. Having the right solution in place to ensure the integrity and continuity of your business is essential.

In order to deliver that peace of mind, our disaster recovery services are highly customisable: helping you to think through and prioritise how your business bounces back from whatever disasters may come. Those customisations include technical and organisational discussions that help us provide the fastest, most streamlined recovery possible.

Ensure data privacy and security compliance

For many industries, loss of customer data is a violation of data privacy and security regulations. Our disaster recovery services are designed to reduce this risk: ensuring your data storage and security complies with industry and area regulations from the moment it’s recovered.

Our team knows that recovering from a disaster is more than just getting back to work – it’s getting back to normal. That’s why all of our disaster recovery services include built-in file notarization and data authenticity capabilities all based on secure and transparent blockchain technology. With these features in place, we can confirm that data restored through your disaster recovery plan is accurate, authentic, and ready for you to rely on once again.

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