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10 reasons to switch from PC to Mac | iStore

It’s no surprise that MacBook has become even more popular since Apple launched its in-house chipsets back in November 2020. Apple Silicon chips are now powering iMac, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini, which have all garnered favourable reviews globally.


What makes these Mac products so powerful and compelling? Here are 10 reasons for you to switch from PC to Mac.


1. Mac is easy to use: This is arguably the main reason to switch over. Mac is packed with amazing features so you know what you’re doing and provides you assistance with features like Siri, Spotlight, and Control Centre. While Siri is your virtual assistant that automates tasks, Spotlight is a powerful search tool to help find apps, documents, emails, etc. It also provides you with news, sport scores, weather and stock prices. Control Centre is like the iOS feature with quick access to Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirDrop, sound, brightness, and Do Not Disturb, and more.


2. Mac is built to last: When compared to a Windows PC, Mac has a longer lifespan. Apple has the advantage of its hardware and software being optimised for each other, thus runs smoothly without having to worry about compatibility issues as seen on Windows. It is also supported for many years with software and security updates.


3. Mac is secure: Apple’s M1 chips have built-in security features that automatically encrypt your data, protect your login password, and has file-level encryption. It has a built-in antivirus that blocks and removes malware, plus apps need your permission to access files in documents, downloads, desktop folders and iCloud. GateKeeper also checks for malicious code from apps that you just downloaded from the App Store.


4. Mac comes with great software: Buying a Mac means you will always get software bundled with it, without having to pay more than necessary. On the productivity side, it comes bundled with Pages, Numbers, Keynote and Mail. Whether you’re creating documents, presentations, or spreadsheets, you can collaborate or DIY.


5. Creativity first: It’s no surprise that the Mac is regarded as the best tool for creatives. These powerful machines come with native apps to create movies, edit and mix your own music, or view slideshows. Every Mac has Photos app, GarageBand and iMovie preloaded.


6. Editing powerhouse: For budding film makers, videographers and content creators, the Mac enables and empowers you to complete the most intensive tasks, especially if you’re dealing with large files sizes. It can handle anything you throw at it, quite efficiently on its M1 chips.


7. Mac works with other products: If you’re moving from PC and have all your work on Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook, it will all work seamlessly on Mac. That’s right, all Pages, Numbers, Keynote and Outlook files are compatible with Microsoft Office and vice versa. Files on iCloud including PDFs, images, ZIP files, etc can be accessed from other locations like PC, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.


8. Designed for all: Mac is proudly designed for all and has a multitude of accessibility features. Under the dedicated Accessibility menu on System Preferences, you will find powerful features like VoiceOver, Zoom, Display, Spoken Content, Descriptions, Audio, Captions, RTT (real-time text calls), Voice Control, Pointer Control, Shortcuts and more. 


9. Ecosystem: Apple products are seamlessly compatible with each other due to iCloud or user account settings. Signed onto iCloud from Mac will let you access and talk to your iPhone or iPad and share contacts, calendar entries, Safari bookmarks, passwords, etc. You have the freedom to choose what to share on iCloud.


10. Easy to switch from PC: Using the Windows Migration Assistant tool from Windows 7 upwards lets you transfer your contacts, calendars, email accounts, bookmarks, pictures, system settings and more to a Mac. It can be done by connecting the PC and Mac on the same W-iFi network or with an Ethernet connection. Simply open Migration Assistant on Mac so the two machines can talk to each other.


Multiple ways to own a Mac: 


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