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Trade in your Android phone at iStore and see why switching to iPhone is more than just switching your device.

Privacy. That's iPhone.

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Longer lasting. That's iPhone.

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Performance. That's iPhone.

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Effortless. That's iPhone.

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iPhone is built from the ground up to protect your personal information

Every iPhone has secure facial or fingerprint authentication. Apps need your permission to track your activity across other companies' apps or websites. Your iMessages and FaceTime video calls are encrypted end-to-end, and more.

Makes your location history, history

Choose which apps get to track your location. Apple also doesn't keep a history of where you have or have not been.

Throws web trackers off your trail

Intelligent Tracking Prevention and built-in fingerprinting defense helps stop advertisers follow you from site to site.

See exactly how apps are using your data

Easy-to-read Privacy Nutrition Labels on the App Store help you choose apps based on how they use your data and whether they track you.

Messages are only seen by who you send them to

Apple can't read your iMessages while they're being encrypted and sent between you and the person you're texting.

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If you want a phone that will last longer than most, this is it

iPhone is built to withstand everyday wear and tear - and to resist spills and splashes. And if you turn on automatic updates, it stays current with new features and the latest security. The result? iPhone holds its value longer than other smartphones.

Auto updates

If turned on, Auto updates will ensure that your iPhone's operating system will keep working the way you'd expect - even if it's an older iPhone.

Made from durable materials

iPhone is built to withstand everyday wear and tear - and to resist spills and splashes.

Battery life that keeps up with you

The hardware and software on iPhone are designed to work together efficiently to make the most of your battery life, so you can do more on a single charge.

Higher trade-in value

iPhone stays current with new features and the latest security. The result? iPhone holds its value longer than other smartphones.

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If you can think it, iPhone can do it.

Apple-designed chips deliver exceptional performance you'll notice in everything you do. We also design the operating system, so everything works together in the most efficient way possible for great battery life.

Super fast chips

Developed by Apple, the A series of bionic chips combines multi-core CPUs with multi-core Neural engines. Together they offer impressive power and efficiency features never before possible.

Built for 5G

More 5G bands for 5G speed in more places. Streaming, downloading - everything happens so much faster.

Advanced camera features

Night mode captures incredible colour and detail in low-light shots. Portrait mode makes your subject pop against a beautifully blurred background. Cinematic mode adds depth-of-field effect to your videos just like they do in Hollywood. And it all happens automatically.

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Effortless, simple, easy to use

Apple engineers design our hardware and software together for a totally seamless experience. Want to connect your new AirPods to your iPhone? It's a simple one-tap setup. Want to share photos or contacts with friends nearby? AirDrop lists their names onscreen, so you can share instantly.

Connect instantly

Hold your AirPods close to your phone and they're connected. Sign in to your Apple ID on all of your devices, and use Continuity features that make it seamless to move between your devices.

iOS = simplicity

An OS that helps you connect with others, be more present and in the moment, explore the world, and use powerful intelligence that lets you do more with a phone than ever before.

Siri, assistive touch and more

Built into every aspect of iPhone are accessibility features that allow you to do more, with less. Ask Siri to give directions, play a song, search the web and send messages or make calls. Set custom assistive touch commands to help control volume, navigate your phone, speak what's on screen and use Apple pay.

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