Register your Free
iCare Plus
for iPhone

Please register by entering either your Invoice Number or IMEI Number. The registration for Free iCare Plus for iPhone must be completed within 14 days of your iPhone(s) purchase.

T&Cs apply.

Invoice Number IMEI Number
iStore Invoice Details

Please enter Online/Branch Invoice Number.
IMEI Details

Located at the back of your box or in your phone settings.

Need Assistance?

Please refer to the instructions below if you require assistance of where to find your Invoice Number or your IMEI number:

Invoice Number

Online purchase

You will receive two emails from iStore Online. The first email is your order confirmation and the second email is your payment confirmation. Please use the Order Confirmation number which is provided on the email Subject line of both emails when signing up. Do not use the invoice number:

In-store purchase

You will receive a physical invoice from the store when purchasing your iPhone. Please use the invoice number highlighted in green below when signing up

IMEI number

Your IMEI number identifies your phone by a unique 15-digit number. You can either find it on the back of the packaging box your iPhone was sealed in, or you can find it on your iPhone under Settings. Go to Settings > General and tap About. Scroll down until you see IMEI.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long do I have to register Free iCare Plus for iPhone?

  • You need to register within 14 days of your iPhone purchase in order qualify

Which devices offer free iCare Plus?

  • We currently offer Free iCare Plus to all iPhone purchases (Certified Pre-Owned devices are eligible for Free iCare Plus. Demo devices and Pre-Owned devices are not eligible for Free iCare Plus)

What does iCare Plus cover?

  • iCare Plus gives you 1 x accidental damage cover (screen repair) and an extended warranty (standard 1 year of Apple Warranty + 1 additional year). A service fee of up to R1800 will be required if you claim

How do I know when I have registered for iCare?

  • You will receive a confirmation email which includes your iCare Reference and details of the device you registered under

Who do I contact if I have any questions or difficulty activating Free iCare Plus?

What other option do I have to get iCare Plus for my iPhone?

  • You can purchase iCare Plus for iPhone at a cost of R1999. This however, needs to be done during the time of your iPhone purchase

Is there a difference when I submit my invoice number or IMEI number?

  • We've given customers the ease to choose either using their invoice number or IMEI number to activate Free iCare Plus. However, if multiple devices have been purchased and you want to activate all devices at once, please use your invoice number. Otherwise, you will need to activate each iPhone separately when using the IMEI number.

Terms and Conditions Free iCare Plus for iPhone (ZA311-100) will only be applicable once you have registered for your Free iCare Plus for iPhone within 14 calendar days from the date of your invoice. The Free iCare Plus for iPhone coverage starts on the same day as your iPhone invoice date and will remain active for 24 months (2 years) thereafter. Free iCare Plus eligibility extends to Certified Pre-Owned devices, however, Demo devices and Pre-Owned devices are not eligible for this service for iPhones. For further terms and conditions please click here.