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Q: What is your background?


Lebo: My background is in design, art direction and business management.


Q: How did you develop an interest in photography?


Lebo: When I went back home and found suitcases full of pics of my childhood taken by my dad.


Q: What is your photographic style?


Lebo: I’ve been asked this question a few times and I always struggle with answering it. I think I just prefer people interpreting it for themselves.


Q: What equipment do you prefer to use?


Lebo: Well I love shooting DSLR, but I shoot the majority of my food shots with my iPhone.





Q: What are the top 5 skills you’ve learnt since you started your career in photography


Lebo: Location is EVERYTHING 

Light is your friend

Shoot as close to the final as possible.

Composition can make or break your image

Tell more stories 


Q: What keeps you inspired and feeling creative?


Lebo: The energy in the spaces that I go into.


Q: Which are your 3 favourite photos you took during your travels?

See attached 


Q: What is your favourite destination from a traveler’s point of view and from a photographer’s point of view?


Lebo: From a traveller’s point of view it has to be Paris France, but from a photographer's point of view, definitely India.


Q: What is the most important element of photography when aiming to convey a story? 


Lebo: Positioning your subject 





Q: How do you ensure you capture the emotion?


Lebo: By waiting for that one specific moment, I avoid just clicking away.


Q: Is there a shoot or experience that sticks out in your mind as particularly meaningful?


Lebo: I try to draw from a lot of my experiences and shoots so I don't really have one in particular.

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