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A new way to get on the spot delivery from iStore

It’s always a little tricky to explain exactly where you want something delivered when you’re ordering online. You try to include a kind message to the delivery man in the “additional delivery notes” about the secret side entrance to your property that has the large pot plant next to it, or how your office address says one thing but really the only way to find you is to take that turn, that loop and double back again. Complicated much?!



As an iStore customer, we know that you’re totally tech savvy and so we’ve adopted a new kind of technology to make your lives a whole lot easier when ordering online. what3words is an innovative new technology that completely streamlines the delivery process so that you can sit back, relax and wait for your awesome iStore product to arrive hassle-free. 



what3words has divided the world up in to 3m x 3m squares, and given each square it’s own unique 3 word address. Which makes it really easy to talk about a precise delivery location. For example, the 3 word address for the entrance to the iStore HQ is ///  So, if your office is hidden down a side road, you can give the precise location of the entrance by using the what3words app to find the 3 word address, click here to see how it works. 



You can now use a 3 word address at checkout when ordering online.



It’s simple, here’s what you need to do:



Step 1 - Download the what3words app or visit the website.

Step 2 - Search for your address. 

Step 3 - Zoom in to see the grid, and switch to Satellite mode, move around to find the 3 word address for the exact point you want.

Step 4 - Take note of your 3 word address, you can save it in the app, and use this when you checkout on the iStore website.



We know, it’s the worst when you are so excited about receiving your online order and the day it’s meant to be delivered, the delivery guy can’t find you and they reschedule the delivery for the following day. Fail! 



So there’s nothing better than an easier delivery of your favourite products from iStore.



To get shopping online now with the what3words addressing feature, click here

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