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Set up your iMac | iStore Online

You have bought yourself an iMac - Congratulations you are in for a treat! 



From the incredible display to powerful performance and a range of apps to choose from in the App Store, this is the perfect productivity and creative tool for your everyday. 



Read below on how to get set up and started with your brand new iMac in just 4 simple steps. 



Ensure your are connected to Wi-Fi. 
 An internet connection will be needed to complete certain setup steps, so in order for it to run smoothly ensure you have a stable Wi-Fi connection. 



Connect your keyboard and mouse. 
Ensure these are have batteries and are  connected so you can continue the setup with ease. 



Switch your iMac on and use the Set up assistant. 
Once you have switched your iMac on, select the language you want to continue in. A window will pop up asking you for your Apple ID, if you already have an Apple ID on your iPhone or iPad you can use this one to sign in with your Mac

If you don’t have an Apple ID yet, you can set one up learn how to here.  



Check for software updates. 
Once the setup is finished. You should click on the Apple icon in the top left corner of your desktop. Click on App Store and check if there are any software updates - if there are you will see a red notification on the Updates icon.

Click update alongside each app that needs to be updated. Once everything is updated you can set up any printers and other devices to your iMac. 



Since you bought your new iMac from iStore, you have access to a host of benefits such as free tech support and training. All you need to do is make a booking online for your nearest iStore here and one of our technicians or trainers will be of assistance.

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