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Q: How did you develop an interest in photography?


Zeno: I’m a cinematographer by day and I really fell in love with photography later on in my career. It really started when I bought myself an iPhone 4. That’s when I really focussed on taking pictures even more. 



Q: What is your photographic style?


Zeno: I’m in love with capturing people, portrait have become my main focus. So I would say my photographic style is portraiture.



Q: What are the top 5 skills you’ve learnt since you started your career in photography?


Zeno: I would say, look for interesting light, composition, emotion in your pictures, telling your story and willing to share those skills. 



Q: Who or what inspires your work?


Zeno: Life and other people that feel inspired by my work inspire me.



Q: What is the last shot you took that you fell involve with?


Zeno: Every shot I post on Instagram I love in a way. I don’t think I’ll post something or share something I don’t love. 



Q: One photographer that inspires you? Living or not, from anywhere in the world.


Zeno: My younger brother Dean Petersen, he just took his camera and started this journey of self discovery and I love seeing that in people - when they find their passion.



Q: Is there a shoot or experience that sticks out in your mind as particularly meaningful?


Zeno: My adventure to Switzerland. The first time I went across to meet my fiancé Peggy, that is something I’ll never forget . 



Q: What appeals to you especially about using an iPhone for taking pictures?


Zeno: The ability to shoot, edit and share my work on one device . 



Q: Besides your iPhone, what other equipment do you prefer to use?


Zeno: I love using my iPad to edit on. The ability to touch my work always means so much more to me. 



Q: There are currently a lot of iPhoneography apps in the iOS App Store. What are some of your favourite image-editing or photo-taking apps, and what is it about these apps that sets them apart?


Zeno: I don’t use a lot of apps. My main editing app is called Snapseed. I love the simplicity of it and the fact that it can now edit raw photos. 



Q: What advise can you give to aspiring photographers?


Zeno: Stay true to yourself, tell your story, don’t be scared to share your knowledge because it will pay of in the end.



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