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Why your next laptop should be a Mac | iStore

Looking for a new laptop? You’re probably heading out with a strict checklist of must-haves to help you make your choice. Everything from style to portability, to storage, battery life, value, reliability and longevity.


But the one thing you’ll really be looking for in a laptop is a thing you can’t see. The speed and power of the chip beneath the hood.


Today’s computer processors, or CPUs, are miracles of micro-engineering, containing billions of transistors to handle complex instructions in a series of zeroes and ones. 

But every now and again, a new type of processor comes along, to boot the technology on a giant leap into tomorrow.


That’s why you’ll want to add the all-new Mac range to your list. It’s the tiny powerhouse at the heart of the latest range, and Apple claims it is faster than the processors in 98 per cent of PC laptops on the market.


What makes the M1 range so special? The secret lies in SoC, System on a Chip. It’s an engineering breakthrough that makes it possible for several previously-isolated components, such as the CPU, GPU, Neural engine, and audio and image processing hardware, to be combined on a single chip, with unified memory and up to 57-billion transistors. 


This unrivalled technology brings unprecedented performance, with apps loading quicker, processes running faster, and you can do more than ever before.


If you want the best laptop on the market, there can be no debate – the Mac range will simply blow you away with their dominance compared to their Windows competitors.

Apple’s claims have been backed by independent tests, by CNBC for example, which found the MacBook Air M1 to be twice as fast as an Intel-based equivalent model at some tasks, and more than three times as fast at others.


The big question for your PC vs Mac checklist is whether the M1 chip’s processing power takes a heavy toll on battery life. The answer may come as a surprise: no.


The opposite is true, with the MacBook Air M1 running for an epic 14 hours and 41 minutes in a test by the authoritative Tom’s Guide. 


And even with this all-day battery life, the MacBook Air M1 keeps its cool under pressure, thanks to its reliance on a heatsink and passive cooling system, rather than an old-fashioned internal fan. An additional benefit of this technology is that the machine is completely silent in operation.

Speed, check

Power, check

Battery life, check

What about value? 


With an 8-core CPU and 7-core GPU, 256GB of SSD storage, and a 13.3-inch LED-backlit display, the base-model MacBook Air with M1 chip at iStore.


The M1 Pro and M1 Max MacBook Pros’ delivers an outstanding combination of performance and long-lasting battery life. Compared to a high-performing Windows PC notebook with a discrete GPU, the M1 Max chip delivers significantly more performance while also consuming an amazing 40% less power.


This means you no longer have to compromise between performance and battery life – the MacBook Pros offer the best of both worlds.


For machines that outperform and outlast its PC laptop equivalents, with Apple’s legendary reliability and ease-of-use built in, they bring real value for your money.


Which is why, when you get right down to business, the Apple MacBook Air or MacBook Pro could be just the new laptop you’re looking for.



For more information on the range of MacBook Airs, please visit




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