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Which Mac is right for you? | iStore

Now that you have made the life changing decision to get yourself a Mac, you might find yourself dizzy with excitement as you look at all the options that lie before you. First things first, before you get caught up in all the innovative features, take a step back and figure out what it is that you need and decide what is important to you. Ask yourself some basic questions:



Do I need something light and portable that I can take with me wherever I go?

Do I need a Mac with good battery life so that I can work out-and-about?

Do I need to see what I’m doing on a large screen?

Do I need a fast processor that can handle heavy data?

Do I need a beautiful display to view images or video?



MacBook Air



Are you a student, freelancer or just always on the go?



MacBook Air is the most affordable of all Macs making it a really popular choice for many people. You could be a student working all over campus, someone who likes to catch up on mails while grabbing some lunch or even a freelancer who works at different offices during the week. MacBook Air has up to 12 hours of battery life so you’ll have more than enough juice to get through a day’s work!



Another plus is that because it’s really small, it’s ideal if you don’t have much space for a home office. Also, if you find yourself needing a larger screen, you can just plug your MacBook Air into a larger screen using an adaptor and voila! It’s perfect for everyday tasks such as emailing, typing up documents or browsing the web. Plus, if you’re someone who likes to spend time editing holiday videos or photos you’ve taken off your iPhone then MacBook Air is more than capable of meeting your needs!



MacBook Pro



Are you a designer, video editor or photographer?



Like the name suggests, MacBook Pro is built for more heavyweight lifting compared to MacBook Air or MacBook. The powerful processor on this machine makes it more suitable for creative professionals dealing with large files and more intense graphics. Not only does it have an impressive engine but it boasts a beautiful retina display which lends itself perfectly to creative work. The fast processor on this machine also makes it well suited to a business person working with large amounts of data for example, an financial analyst working with large excel files. The best part is, it’s long battery life and light and compact body means that you can totally dominate on the go.







Are you a graphic designer, gamer or just needing a home computer?



When screen size is top of the list, iMac is the ideal choice. It’s a desktop, so you can't be mobile with this one. Perfect as a home-based family computer, iMac comes with a powerful processor that can more than handle a spectrum of general tasks whether your kids are doing school projects and playing games or you’re editing your family photos. If you have a laptop as well, remember that with iCloud all of your important information is synced across all of your devices so that you can access everything you need at home or on-the-go. Because of the large beautiful display, iMac is also ideal if you’re a graphic designer! Having a large screen is also a win if you’re editing video’s or even creating and editing music. Seeing all your video content or music tracks on one screen goes a long way to giving your creative brain space for your next masterpiece. 



Find out which Mac model is right for you to help you achieve more goals at iStore: 

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