Your Apple Watch is here to keep you moving in December

The holiday season is here and as hard as you may try, your normal exercise routine will naturally get thrown a little off course. But whether you’re taking some time out down the coast or you’ve got the whole family around to visit at your place, a fresh change to your workout program will do you some good! With Apple Watch on your wrist, there are a ton of ways for you get through this December feeling energised and healthy by taking advantage of wherever you find yourself this holiday and doing some new, fun activities.



The key to staying fit on holiday and consistently working out is simple - make it apart of what you’re already doing! Whether it’s a quick and intense fat burning workout or something more gentle, we have a couple ideas that we think you might like. Pair it with an Apple Watch and you’re golden. Here’s how:



Splash around
Whether you’re on the beach or in the pool, there are tons of ways to exercise in the water while cooling off and enjoying some time out. Whether it’s a body board, some high intensity laps or an energetic game of touch rugby in the surf, your Apple Watch is waterproof up to 50m* so the fitness tracking doesn’t stop. You can also quick start any workout in just a tap.



Hit the beach
Keep your bikini body in tact and download the Kayla Itsines BBG Program (for the girls) or Seven (for the guys)  for Apple Watch. Do your squats and jumps hands free and let Apple Watch track your heart rate and show your calories burned in real time. When you’re done, cool off in the ocean and get back to that good book!



Relax and recover
Staying fit is not only about working out, it’s also about recovering well post exercise. Spend some time before bed on holiday focusing on your breathing and relaxation using the Breath app on your Apple Watch.



Change it up
Apple Watch tracks all kinds of workouts so why not skip the gym and use your extra time this holiday to go for hike or mountain bike ride and track how high you’ve climbed.



Get creative and get all your steps
Instead of jumping in an Uber after dinner, why not take a stroll back to where you’re staying. Apple Watch will record your steps and celebrate with you when you complete your Activity ring for the day! Chances are you may have already been reminded to close your ring during the third course :)


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*For Apple Watch SE (2nd Gen) and Series 8.

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