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Anshuman Gosh is the creative genius behind Moography and recently shared with us the role that the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil play in his creative process. Aside from his inspiring Instagram feed, he works extensively on creative projects for his clients and yes, also has a corporate day job! While his favourite device has a plethora of benefits and features when it comes to fostering and capturing his creative ideas, he also uses it for key business tasks and other hobbies like writing. 


For those of you who couldn't attend the workshop at iStore, Anshuman compiled a snapshot from the session. 



The iPad Pro and Apple Pencil play an integral role in my entire creative process right from ideation all the way through to delivery. The different features and apps allow me to bring structure to my design process and give me the space I needs to generate ideas for my clients. There are 3 main ways that I use the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil for my work.


Defining creative projects. Every campaign starts with a thorough understanding of what a client wants. I sit down with the client and detail the scope of the campaign and what better way to do this than to capture all the information I need on an iPad Pro.


Concept sketching. I use my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil to generate and record my ideas. I create hand drawn sketches using various apps which are then digitally catalogued - so I never lose any of my ideas! I find it so much more professional to send these sketches as digital images to clients rather than a picture of something that I’ve drawn on paper. The sketches also allow my client to visualise the campaign ideas in a much more detailed and tangible way.  


Sketching on the iPad Pro is a breeze. You’re able to firmly rest your palms on the device and sketch naturally because of the palm recognition technology. The Apple Pencil is also incredibly responsive which means that the reproduction of strokes is the closest thing to writing on a paper that I’ve ever used.


Shooting images. For the shooting of my daily artwork, I use my iPhone and edit with apps such as VSCOCam and Enlight. I use presets for all my base colours on VSCOCam so that all of my images maintain the same look and feel and then I often add a clean filter on Enlight.



Some more useful design apps.

Adobe Illustrator Draw is an advanced app that I use for the creation of images which I can then send on to Adobe Illustrator to further edit on my Mac or PC for added functionality. There is seamless integration with the Creative Cloud platform and it works perfectly with Apple Pencil as well.


DuetDisplay is an app that allows me to connect my iPad Pro via lightning cable to my Mac or PC and use my iPad as an extension of my screen. The Pro version is a little pricey but it allows me to get all the functionality on my iPad Pro so that I can use my Apple Pencil for all of my drawing. 


Anticrop is another handy app that I use to “un” crop photos that I wished I had included more of the background in at the time of taking the photo. It uses advanced technology to intelligently extend the pixels in your image. You really have to see it to believe it!


B U S I N E S S 

In a business context, I find that the iPad Pro’s ability to manipulate, interact with and create content to be very useful. It helps me with accomplishing key tasks both when I’m working in the creative space with Moography or when I’m busy with my regular day job in a corporate office. Here are a couple of ways in which I use my iPad Pro at work.


Reading and marking-up contracts. The PDF Reader app offers integration with Apple Pencil so marking up documents is simple. LiquidText is another app which I mostly use for studying a long document as it provides easy to use functionality for reviewing and organising information. 


Creating proposals and presentations. I will often opt to use my iPad Pro and Apple Pencil rather than my Mac when creating presentations. Office 365 offers a fully functional suite of Office apps and is great for creating presentations as well as business documents like quotes and invoices. At the end of the day, having all these easy-to-use apps on hand means that I can be entirely mobile!


Scan receipts and invoices. Scanner Pro is a nifty app that allows me to keep digital copies of all of my expense receipts and invoices for tax purposes. It also integrates with various cloud storage apps.




Writing on iPad Pro with my Apple Pencil is something that I really love to do. Notability is a note-taking app that I use frequently to do this. It integrates really well with my Apple Pencil and the handwriting rendering is incredible. I study German as a hobby and will often take advantage of the split screen functionality and take notes on one side of the screen while I watch an online class on the other. 



List of Featured Apps









Adobe Illustrator Draw




Duet Display








Liquid Text








Scanner Pro







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