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Whether you're an iPhone newbie or you were one of the first to own an iPhone 3G, you're just about guaranteed to not know a few things about your product. Even expert users can still stand to learn a thing or two about their iPhones, because there's so much you can do with them that a few of the cool functions can fall through the cracks.



Memories is an incredibly intuitive feature in the Photos app. It gathers pictures into albums, by selecting your best photos, adding music, and using things like facial recognition to focus on the important people in the pictures. All of this comes together in a slideshow that will no doubt leave a smile on your face after watching it.



But did you know that you can edit those memories? You can change the title, the duration, the music, and more. Let’s take a quick look how to tweak our memories to make them perfect.



How to edit the title and style of a Photos Memory
Open up the Photos app, and tap on Memories. You can edit both the photo content of the Memory, and the accompanying video slideshow. Tap the play button to play the slideshow, and then tap anywhere on the screen to reveal the controls. You’ll see an Edit button at top tight. Tap that, for the main edit screen.



To edit the title, tap Title in the left-hand column, and then tap on the title itself, in the main panel. The keyboard slides onto the screen, and you can edit both the title, and the subtitle (which is usually a date). In this section, you can also pick a Title Style by tapping on it.


How to edit the Title Image, Music, and Duration of a Photos Memory
By simply tapping the edit menu in the lower right corner, you can decide on the Title, music, duration or the photos and videos you want to feature in your new memory. Tap Done once you are happy with all of your selections.



How to add and remove photos in a Memory
Is there a photo that you really want to add to this Memory? Or maybe there’s a not-so-flattering-selfie that you don’t need out in the universe. Let’s trash it! Tap on the Photos & Videos heading in the left-hand column, and you’ll see the photo chooser screen pop up. This consists of a film strip along the bottom, and a preview of the currently-selected image. Browse by tapping the film strip, or by swiping the main image. To remove an image, tap the trash can while that image is showing. To add a new image to the slideshow, tap the + button.



How to add music in a Memory
Another new screen will appear, this time with all the relevant photos for that Memory. You can’t browse your entire photo library, the selection is limited to images taken around the same time as the Memory. When you’ve finished editing, tap Done.



Sharing your new Memory
After crafting the most precious Memory on your iPhone, it is now time to share it with the world. To share any Memory, go back to the main screen for the Memory. On this screen, tap the Share arrow, and you can share your video wherever you like.


Now that you’ve mastered the Memory feature on you iPhone, we think it’s time to start on your next video by going off and making new memories with the ones you love

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