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Netflix South Africa is here, and you’ll want an Apple TV for that

We’ve been waiting excitedly for almost a year for Netflix to arrive in South Africa, and now it’s here, with thousands of shows, documentaries and movies on demand. Netflix, the world’s largest video streaming service, has no ads during shows, and offers a massive library of old and new content, plus their own series greats such as Narcos and Jessica Jones. The series everyone’s talking about right now is Making A Murderer, reason enough to sign up to Netflix. 



Now, unless you have a pricey Smart TV, or don’t mind watching shows via the free app on your laptop or phone, the best and most affordable way to access Netflix is through an Apple TV, which connects to your TV. 



Aside from Netflix, Apple TV also lets you stream video content in the iTunes Store, plus YouTube, and music, videos, and photos from iOS devices using AirPlay. 



To use it, you’ll need:



An HDMI-enabled computer monitor or TV



An ADSL line - uncapped is preferable, but at least a 10 GB cap is satisfactory. An LTE connection will work too, with at least a 10 GB data bundle



A line of at least 4MG



To set up, simply plug the cable into your TV and Apple TV, connect to your Wi-Fi network, and you can start using it. There’s no monthly or subscription fee to use it, though you will need to pay for content from iTunes and Netflix, along with your wifi.



Netflix can be played on Smart TV’s, streaming media players like Apple TV, smartphones, tablets, computers, or your gaming console, DVD or Blu-ray player. You can kick off your membership with a free one month trial. After that you will get billed per month unless you cancel your membership before the end of your trial period. 



You will need a fast internet connection to be able to stream the series and an uncapped package is recommended. According to them you need an internet speed of at least 0.5 Mbps. That being said, if the internet connection isn’t great Netflix doesn’t stop and load like other streaming services. Like YouTube, you will simply see a drop in video quality until they get your series back on track.



Netflix is free for a month, and from then on, their packages are priced in dollars:  



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