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Let's get creative



iPad Pro


The A9X chip

The iPad Pro A9X processor packs a powerful punch. It can handle multiple streams of 4K video and render complex images while still maintaining an impressive battery life of up to 10 hours. With high performance graphics processing power like this, there will be no barriers to your creativity. 


The screen 

The 9.7-inch iPad Pro is the brightest and least reflective in the world. Go one size up and the 12.9-inch has the highest resolution of any iOS device out there. The result? A stunning display with graphics that are exceptionally colour rich and vivid. So whether you are creating, editing or viewing, it’s the perfect display. What’s more, the split screen feature on the 12.9-inch display is great for working with reference images when creating those artistic masterpieces. 


The Apple Pencil

The Apple Pencil’s precision, simple design and versatility makes it an amazing tool for artists and creatives. With advanced multi-touch sensors on the iPad Pro and unparalleled technology in the pencil tip, you get an altogether familiar experience that emulates the sensation of using a real pen on paper. If you love painting, sketching, illustrating or writing, Apple Pencil has all kinds of useful creative tools like tilt sensors for shading and palm rejection technology so that you can rest your hand on the screen without leaving a mark. It also plugs right into your Lightening port for a quick charge so that when that light-bulb moment hits, you can pick up exactly where you left off.


The apps

With the iPad Pro, all of your apps are going to run faster and look a whole lot better which makes creating digital pieces of art a completely immersive experience. With a bigger screen, apps like Procreate, a powerful sketching, painting and illustration app, are given more real-estate to really shine.



MacBook Pro


The Touch Bar

The Touch Bar on MacBook Pro takes creative freedom to a whole new level. It’s there to speed up what you are doing and make it more fun at the same time! It’s intuitive, so it changes automatically depending on what you’re doing and provides you with the most useful shortcuts. There is also an area allocated for functions specific to apps like Photoshop and Final Cut Pro for example, which allow you to easily navigate through your video project or quickly access edit tools for your photos without using your cursor to navigate through menus.


The display

With the brightest, most beautiful display ever, your creative projects have never looked this good. It is the first Mac notebook to support wide colour which is a game changer for any avid designer. With a much brighter display and longer battery life, you’ll be able to view, edit and create to your hearts content no matter the location or time of day. 


The power

When you’re working with large image and video files, you need a powerful machine to handle anything you throw at it. With the MacBook Pro, your graphics performance is up to 130 percent faster than previous models. With 2TB SSD storage in the 15-inch model, you have of plenty space for all those important files. And with much faster memory, you’ll be able to import huge files in no time. 


iPad Pro and MacBook Pro lets you take a simple creative concept and give it complexity and depth on a whole new level. With these incredible tools, apps and features you’re well on your way to creating your very own artistic masterpiece.

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