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iPad and Apple Pencil are the perfect match. They may even go together better than the buttercream frosting on your favourite cake. Not only is the Apple Pencil the most natural and versatile writing and drawing tool ever designed; it opens up a whole world of opportunities of what you can do with your iPad.



Here’s a snapshot of some of the things you can do with Apple Pencil on your iPad.



Apple Pencil has been designed with razor sharp precision, so it feels completely natural. It’s intuitive to use and with virtually no lag, you’ll forget that you’re drawing or writing digitally. 



The battery lasts up to 12 hours so that you can capture your lightbulb moments no matter where you are. If you’ve run out of juice, all you need to do is plug your Apple Pencil into your iPad for a quick charge so that the creative juices can keep on flowing. There are a ton of things that you can do with your Apple Pencil and here are just a few to get you going. 



How to..



Pair your Apple Pencil with your iPad (the most important and first step!)



1.  Unlock your iPad and take the cap off your Apple Pencil.
2.  Plug your Apple Pencil into your iPad.
3.  The Bluetooth pairing request will appear after which you must tap “Pair”.



And that’s all you need to do - it’s that easy!



Use Apple Pencil and iPad to draw on screenshots



1.  Take a screenshot by pressing the home button and the sleep/wake button at the same time. 
2.  Save to your photos by swiping left or if you want to mark it up, tap to open the screenshot.
3.  Crop it by dragging on the corners.
4.  Pick your tool and colour and off you go!
5.  When you’re done, tap the share button in the top right to send it to a friend, save it in notes, copy to dropbox and the list goes on…



Use Apple Pencil and iPad to sketch in Notes



1.  Open the Notes app.
2.  Hold down with your Apple Pencil to begin drawing anywhere in your note. This defines your drawing area. You can expand or crop this to the size that you like.
3.  Draw, draw and draw some more. 
4.  You can also hand write notes of course! You can still search for words in any of your handwritten notes using the search bar to the left. 

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