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Let’s be honest, it’s a pretty good feeling when you smash that to-do list, stick to your goals or feel like you’re totally on top of things. It’s even better when you can save time while you’re dominating the world. When you download these amazing apps for your iPhone, you’ll be well on your way to becoming the King or Queen of productivity.



Get answers instantly 

It’s always handy to have a way of doing a speedy calculation thats a little too complex for the basic calculator. Soulver gives you a quick and easy way to work out things like how much you earned if you worked for X number of hours and you earn Y per hour. Or the value of an investment when you’ve got a few different variables to consider. It really helps to think through problems on the spot that use a bit of maths when you just can’t remember that formula you learned at school way back when.



Type in a flash

TextExpander allows you to type things on your iPhone a whole lot quicker. Super useful when you’re on the run! It does this by saving ‘snippets’ of text that you use regularly so that every time you use them you don’t have to type them out! You just type in the abbreviated version and voila!



Stay focused and stay productive

Admit it; one of the biggest time wasters is the endless scrolling through mindless content. Sometimes we just can’t help ourselves. Forest is a clever app that gets you to focus on the task at hand (one that isn’t based on your iPhone) by planting trees! Yes, you read correctly. Once you’ve planted your tree’s, the longer the app stays open (i.e. the longer you focus on your tasks) the more lush your forest becomes. If you exit the app to do something else on your iPhone, the trees will die. The app encourages you to use your time well and stay away from apps that distract you from your work.



Don’t forget to do it

Checkmark 2 is the perfect app for reminding yourself to do things in different locations. You can set up your favourite locations like work, home, your local supermarket or school and then create reminders linked to those locations. It’s ideal when you’re leaving work to get a reminder to let your loved ones know you’re on your way. Or when you leave home to remind yourself to go past the supermarket to grab some groceries. It’s really easy to do and a valuable addition to your productivity app collection.



Next level productivity 

If you’re looking for an all in one app to help you stay on top of things, Omnifocus is considered to be one of the most robust productivity apps out there. It’s so much more than a to-do list. It’s organisation on another level. From projects to tasks and everything in between, Omnifocus can handle it. The features are in depth so have a click through to find out all about it. But trust us, this app provides the perfect platform for an organised life.



Organise your thoughts 

If you’re someone who loves to map out your thoughts, then iThoughts is the ideal app for you. It’s a powerful mind mapping tool that allows you to arrange your thoughts in a visually effective and organised manner. It’s typically used for creating lists of tasks, brainstorming, creating meeting notes, setting goals and planning projects.

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