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Gareth Cliff on Apple Watch

The Apple watch isn’t necessary. Nobody NEEDS it. And I really didn’t want to write anything nice about it. First of all I’m not a watch-wearer. Second of all, I’ve already got my phone. Why would I want this thing buzzing on my wrist?


Wearables have had mixed success since everyone proclaimed them the next big thing. Google glass was universally considered a disaster, though many have said it’s a portent of the future. We’ve all heard about clothing that can receive and send information, and devices that measure our pulse, but nobody is really sure how much they’d want their clothes communicating...


The fact is that I really like this watch. I like the way it looks, feels and works. I like getting a discreet ‘haptic’ when someone sends me a whatsapp message or Facebook message, and I like the way it syncs with my calendar. Most of all, I like talking to Siri and getting her to do stuff for me by talking into my wrist like the action heroes I watched in the movies of my youth. If that isn’t proof of manifesting reality I don’t know what is.


The charger isn’t the same as the charger for your phone, laptop, iPad or anything else, so you have to take that with you when  you travel, and it’s clunky. I’d have preferred something that you could charge on your other devices, and I’m always annoyed to discover yet another thing that needs constant charging, but the battery life is pretty good. Mine lasted two and a half days the last time I let it run flat.


You can customise the screen, decide what you want to be notified of, make calls directly from the watch and monitor your activity (in a rudimentary sort of way, it has to be said). In other words, you can make it all about you - which is what all millennials want, right?


Apple watch has been made in the same way all Apple products are- It’s simple, it’s beautiful and it does all the things I knew it would. I’d love it to do more, but I’m not sure what those things might be. Of course when you’re in the Apple ecosystem, every new innovation gets you excited, but I held off on this one for a year or more, and was tempted, but never did buy one when I was at South-By-Southwest in Austin earlier this year. I thought it was expensive and would end up in my drawer.


After using the Apple Watch for the past two months, I can say that it is now part of my outfit. I left it at home the other day and wasn’t sure I was connected, which is scary, but it’s also a habit.

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