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Never forget an idea again

Ever had a melody or tune in your head and you’re not sure where it comes from? There’s a good chance you may have heard it on the radio in your car, or walking through the shopping centre, but then again, it might well be a tune from inside of you. So what do you do with it? This is a question many people hiding their secret identities face quite frequently (Ok, so I’m glamourising your day job here - you work for a living but your super-power is that you are also a musician by night and weekend). While you’re hard at work something creative hits you - that little musical thought - the tune you’ve never hummed before, or those cool lyrics that you just came up with… So now what? You can’t exactly pick up your guitar or plug in your microphone - how do you make sure this great idea doesn't get lost somewhere in the recesses of your mind? Well, Apple has thought of this too and have a solution for you in GarageBand.



A link to your home studio wherever you are

GarageBand is a really user-friendly music production app that Apple has made available. Available on iPhone and iPad (not to mention Mac), the app really enables you to carry a mini-studio in your pocket. I know what you're thinking: you’re thinking that an app that can be downloaded onto a phone can surely not produce studio quality audio. Happily, you won’t need it to. You see, GarageBand on your mobile device is, the perfect link between your idea and your expression of the idea. While you are not within range of your instrument or equipment, when that idea hits you, you open GarageBand and you commit your idea to memory other than your own, because let’s face it, we all have a tough time remembering our great ideas when we get home after a hard days’ work.



How does GarageBand act as the link?

There are a number of musicians out there - professional and amateur - who have come up with interesting ways of making sure they don’t forget their new creative sparks. One common way is for somebody to phone their home phones from their mobile phones and leave a voice message humming the new melody to their voice machines. You can do this from mobile device to mobile device too, if your friend isn’t weirded out by you calling from their phone to leave yourself a voice message of yourself humming. Thank goodness we have evolved since that time. However - the basic idea remains the same - you open GarageBand on your mobile device, select (from the number of exciting and distracting options) the option to record using the built in microphone, and simply hum your new melody whilst recording. 



If you are a musician with a theoretical background, you can select the piano option and actually play the melody on an on-screen keyboard or even a guitar fretboard if that option floats your boat. Even more than that (and this does require a little more than a basic musical knowledge, although it is very intuitively laid-out), if you have a few extra moments, you can even select a key from the list GarageBand offers, and build a short “backtrack” for your new idea. GarageBand has some great samples of acoustic, electric and bass guitars, chordal “keys” riffs, drum tracks as well as strings samples to flesh out your idea. 



Once you’ve spent a few moments recording your new idea, whether you’ve had time to flesh it out or not, you just exit the app, and it is saved automatically. Here’s the link: GarageBand on your mobile device can sync with your Mac, and your idea will be transferred to GarageBand on a much larger and more capable platform. From here, you really turn your idea into music. There is also exciting news for any professional musicians reading this: Logic Pro recognises GarageBand files and can take your ideas even further.



The best news yet, GarageBand comes free with every Mac and iOS device! Now get out there and live your creativity!

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