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If you’re into your Downward Facing Dog and Chaturanga, finding ways to enhance your daily zen is probably top of your list. Whether your focus is to improve your mood or to build strength and flexibility, with Apple Watch, there are all kinds of ways that you can stay centred right from your wrist. Here’s how:



Out the box


If you love your yoga then you probably try to maintain a state of calm with everything you do. The Breathe app, which comes standard with your Apple Watch, focuses on getting you to breathe in a deep and rhythmic way.



What this does is to tell your brain that it’s ok, you can relax now. From there, your stress reduces and you’ll start to see the health benefits that it has. It’s easy to do no matter where you are or what time of the day it is. All you need to do is the following:



1. On your Apple Watch, open the Breathe app.
2. Using the Digital Crown, adjust the number of minutes that you want to breathe and how many breaths you want to take.
3. Press start and follow the animation on your Apple Watch.



Find the app for you


Pocket Yoga is an all time favourite app amongst yoga enthusiasts. There are over 200 poses that you can view and you can also keep tabs on timing when holding a pose. You can go at your own pace and roll out your mat no matter where you are for a relaxed or intense workout.


If have a goal in mind and want to focus more on losing weight or gaining flexibility then Fitstar Yoga is a great way to customise your workout to reach your fitness milestones. The HD videos leave no room for interpretation and you can copy the moves exactly while following the written instructions that guide your breathing and position. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, this app is completely tailored to you.


Yoga with Gottayoga has a variety of yoga workouts for you to do at different times of the day. The app for Apple Watch gives you reminders of things to do throughout the day whether it be to stand up and have a stretch or reminding you to start winding down because it’s the evening.


Add it on


Now that you’re sorted with all the apps you need to stay cool, calm and collected (and strong of course) then why not make sure that your Apple Watch provides you with just the right amount of comfort and style for your centred way of life.



While you’re doing your yoga session, comfort is at the top of the list. iStore has a wide range of Apple Watch straps in various colours to suit your mood and style. Opt for soft, breathable and lightweight with the Seashell Sport Loop and then change into something more casual with the Saddle Brown Classic Buckle.

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