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Gather the whole family from the littlest to the most wrinkly for a whole lot of fun with these games on Apple TV right in your lounge. Whether it’s showing off your slick dance moves, testing your general knowledge, learning with your kids in fun new ways or just engaging in a good old on-screen fighting challenge, Apple TV comes with a host of games for the whole family to enjoy. 



For music lovers and quiz masters



SongPop Party - Music Quiz is the perfect upbeat party game when friends and family get together. Who doesn’t love some great tunes and a bit of friendly competition? This game gets everyone bopping to the beat while guessing song titles and artists. The highest score wins and as you move on to new levels, you will unlock more cool music. It’s simple to use and even easier to enjoy.



If getting on your feet and dancing is more your thing then Just Dance Now will have everyone grooving the night away. The slicker your moves, the more points you earn. All you need to do is follow the steps that you see on screen and keep up as best you can. This entertaining game will get everyone, including granny, off the couch and having fun!



For kids who love to learn and have fun



What better way to learn than by doing something fun and interactive together as a family? The Endless Learning Academy app covers a wide range of learning activities like ABC’s123’s and spelling. It’s characterised by cute and colourful monsters that help your kids to learn while keeping them entertained. Learning is done through the use of colours, shapes, plants, animals and much more. Your kids will love it and so will you!



For the family that's into sports



There’s nothing better than getting a little competitive with the family when it comes to sports. Even better when it’s right in your lounge and on the big screen with Apple TV! Beat Sports is an app where cute little creatures swing, volley and score to the beat of the music. The mini-games are based on familiar sports like tennis, volleyball and golf and are the perfect ‘feel good’ game for a weekend at home with the family. 



For those who want to slow the pace down 



If you’re not up for something too high energy but you’re still looking for something that a few of you can get involved in then Spaceteam is it. This game is for 2 - 4 players and is all about teamwork. You’re placed on a spacecraft that is falling apart and each player is given a control panel with all kinds of buttons and dials to problem solve and face a number of challenges along the way. The game aims to confuse the players and really test their abilities in a time-sensitive manner. One person is in charge and tasks are shared among the players. It requires shouting so you’re bound to get a bit silly with this one!



For the ones who like a challenge



Take you’re Siri remote and an iPhone and you can get all kinds of creative, like using it as a pretend sword! With Happy Swordplay: Party Game you can go head-to-head with your opponent for a good old-fashioned duel and if you’re skills are better you can collect some whacky weapons along the way. It’s also great entertainment for the rest of the family watching. Take it to the next level and get them to support you or your rival and cheer you on as you play!



For something fun and fast



Peg Ballet is a quick, fun game that involves up to 8 players which is great if you’re a big family or if you have a large group of friends over! Each player uses either a Siri remote or an iPhone to pick up as many pegs as they can in a certain amount of time. There are also some funky tunes that play in the background. The best part is that it’s so easy to play, so nobody will have a lazy excuse for this one!



For those who enjoy being a bit silly



Fibbage XL is a fun party game using your iPhone as a controller, where you lie and bluff your way to victory. Questions appear on the screen and each player has to enter their ‘lie’. You all then get to decide whether any are true. If players guess that yours is true and it’s actually a lie, then you score points! So be clever about who you ask to join in, you’re easily-fooled aunt is your best bet! This game will have the whole family in fits of laughter for hours,



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