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Apple TV. Entertainment redefined | iStore Online

AirPlay all the way 


One of the most popular features of Apple TV is that you can effortlessly mirror your Mac or iOS screen to a TV using Airplay. This is especially useful at the office for a slick, professional presentation or meeting. To get started, select the Airplay icon that appears your menu bar and activate your display preferences to mirror your Mac to the TV that your Apple TV is connected to. Your Apple TV will mirror the image on your Mac as well as the audio. Not only is this quick and easy, it’s cable free as well! At home, you can also opt to play all your favourite movies and series directly from your Mac using Airplay, right from your couch.  



Fun for everyone


With games now available on Apple TV, fun just took on a whole new meaning. If you flip your Apple TV remote sideways it doubles up as a game controller. You can also connect bluetooth-enabled game controllers to your Apple TV to give you extended functionality when you’re feeling really serious about conquering that next level. Do you love music? Guitar Hero Live now connects directly to your TV through Apple TV and gives you two playing modes depending on your mood. Whether it’s experiencing the adrenalin of being on stage or discovering and playing along to new music, you can now immerse yourself in musical bliss for hours on end. Find out more here. 



Sit back and relax 


The latest Apple TV comes with support for Siri so when you are feeling your laziest, ask Siri to find you something to watch. Chat with Siri to let her know what you like and narrow down the choices till you find the perfect one. You can search by genre or even actor. While you’re watching you can even ask Siri to skip back 15 seconds when you missed something that was said. Now that’s what we call service!



With Netflix now available in South Africa you now have thousands of movies, shows and documentaries to choose from. The best way to access this is through your Apple TV. All you need is an HDMI-enabled computer monitor or TV and a fast internet connection with plenty of data. For more options, you can also stream the latest movies off iTunes straight to your TV to your hearts content.

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