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A necessary part of self-care is exercise as it’s a vital part of our overall health. Why? Because it releases chemicals in your body such as endorphins and serotonin which instantly improves your overall mood. Exercising regularly will help in reducing stress and boost your mental health too.


Did you know that playing music while you exercise can actually improve the quality of your workout? It increases your stamina and boosts your mood. It can also motivate you to exercise for longer periods of time getting you into a daily routine.



Your Apple Workout Accessories


Discover all the best beats with Apple Music. With unlimited access to over 60+ million songs to enjoy, Apple Music is the perfect place to explore songs to pair up with your workout. Apple Music plays on all your Apple devices - in this case, we suggest Apple Watch and AirPods as the the perfect workout partners. You can listen to your favourite music effortlessly by syncing music onto your Apple Watch and automatically pairing it with your AirPods. It’s that simple.


That’s not all though. There are many things you can do with Apple Watch to inspire a healthier lifestyle. We are all guilty of having those busy days where we’ve sat at our desk for hours without taking a break. Your Apple Watch reminds you to move, exercise and stand to improve circulation. The Activity rings track your progress and inspire you to sit less, move more and exercise every day. You can even stay motivated with some healthy competition and compete with your friends in challenges and track your progress during a workout.

Your heart rate is also constantly monitored while you’re wearing your Apple Watch. You can check your heart rate or even be notified when it appears to be too high or too low.

While we’ve only mentioned a few functionalities of the Apple Watch, there’s much more to explore.



There’s no better time than now. We know life can get in the way of a lot of things, but when it comes to self-care, that’s what’s most important. So, we want to help you get set up with your daily workouts. First, here’s what you’ll need:


• A workout plan (we’ve made one for you!)
• Water
• Apple Music playlist (Bonus: Apple Watch and AirPods if you have)
• A workout mat or yoga mat
• Sweat towel
• And a mirror to ensure good form



5-Day Exercise Routine

Before we begin our routine, click on this Pure Workout playlist by Apple Music to get you started.



Monday: Legs and Cardio
- 15 reps of Jump Squats
- 15 reps of squats
- 24 steps of walking lunges
- 16 reps of X jumps
- 10 reps of burpees



Tuesday: Arms and Abs
- 15 reps of push ups
- 40 reps of mountain climbers
- 40 reps of ab bikes
- 15 reps of straight leg sit ups
- 15 reps lay down push ups



Wednesday: Full Body Workout
- 10 reps of burpees
- 15 reps of straight leg jackknives
- 24 reps of commandos
- 15 reps of sumo squats
- 30 reps of jump lunges



Thursday: Legs and Cardio
- 30 reps of X jumps
- 8 reps of 10x mountain climbers and 2x push ups
- 40 reps of jump lunges
- 20 reps of 180 degree jump squats
- 20 reps drop push ups



Friday: Arms and Abs
- 20 reps of leg raises
- 20 reps of ab bikes
- 30 reps of X jumps
- 20 reps of split leg push ups
- 20 reps of straight eg jackknives



The key to an exercise routine is that something is better than nothing. Start small and focus on your home workout one week at a time. This will help you build momentum. And lastly, don’t forget to reward yourself for your hard work!

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