What is Float?

Now you can buy even bigger at iStore and split your payment over up to 6 interest-free monthly instalments using the available limit on your Visa or Mastercard credit card. When you shop with Float, you buy yourself more time to meet your credit card repayments because each month your credit card statement only reflects the monthly instalment amount versus the full purchase amount.

Why use Float?

Buy now.
Pay way later.

Get your purchase today and use the available limit on your credit card to pay in multiple interest-free, fee-free instalments.

Zero interest.
Zero fees.

It's all the perks of your credit card, but none of the cons. No interest, no fees, no extra debt and no catch. Just shopping joy on your terms.

No applications.
No credit checks.

It’s your credit already, so there are no applications or credit checks. The cherry on top? You continue to earn your reward points.

No new credit.

Unlike other financing options, Float does not issue new credit. We simply help you use your existing credit limit in a smarter way.

How to pay with Float?

It's as quick and easy as a regular credit card purchase. No sign-up required - just shopping joy on your terms.

Choose Float as your
payment method

Choose your number
of instalments

Enter your credit
details and Float it

Hooray! You're paying
later with Float

How Float works?

At the time of purchase, Float temporarily "reserves" the full amount on your credit card, but only charges you the first interest-free instalment. The remaining instalments are charged on the same day each month. In between each instalment, a new temporary "reserve" is placed for the outstanding balance, until your purchase is completely repaid.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Float?

Float is a checkout payment solution that enables shoppers to split purchases into interest-free, fee-free monthly instalments.

What are the benefits of using Float?

With Float, you can enjoy your purchases today and pay for them over time, interest-free and fee-free, without taking out any new credit.

Can I use Float for in-store purchases?

Float payment method is available online only on the www.istore.co.za website.

How do I use Float?

You can use Float in 3 easy steps. There is no application and no credit check.

1. Select Float as your payment option at checkout.
2. Choose your number of instalments.
3. Enter your credit card details and Float it!

Do I need to fill out an application or register to use Float?

No – when you use Float to make a purchase, there is no application or registration whatsoever.

Because Float uses your existing credit card, we only require your credit card details and that you have the full amount of your purchase available on your credit card.

How many instalments can I split my Float purchase into?

Payment terms will range between 3 months for products purchased on the iStore website.

Which credit cards can I use with Float?

Customer's can only use their existing Visa or Mastercard credit card. Debit Cards will not be accepted.

What is a pre-authorisation or "reserve"?

Float may place a pre-authorisation (also known as a “reserve”) as a temporary hold against the credit you have available to spend on your credit card. This is not a charge and is interest-free.

How long does each reserve remain on my card?

The reserved amount is generally released back into your account after 7 days, but can take longer, depending on your bank. However, we always recommend keeping the outstanding balance of your purchase available on your card throughout your instalment plan.

Why has my Float purchase declined?

You must ensure that you have a valid Visa or Mastercard credit card with the full purchase amount available in your balance. Remember, debit cards, cheque cards, virtual cards and hybrid cards are not accepted.

What happens if I miss a payment or a temporary reserve on my card is unsuccessful?

We will always email you reminders about upcoming payments or reserves before they are due, so please make sure you have enough balance left on your credit card to allow for these.

If we are unable to secure a reserve or a payment from your credit card, and you do not respond to the reminders by updating your card or freeing up enough balance for your next payment, we will charge the previously held reserve on your card for the outstanding balance of your purchase.

What if I need a return or refund on my purchase?

All returns and refunds to be processed using the existing iStore returns policy. Once finalised, Float will adjust your instalment plan or refund money back to you accordingly based on the existing policy.