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What you’ve learnt as a photographer


What I have learnt as a photographer is that there’s a lot of subject matter. As a beginner, it’s easier to take photos of just about everything until you find a subject matter you truly find enjoyable.


Photography is an extension of who you are as an individual. So, essentially what you photograph should evoke some form of emotion within you first. Others should be secondary as they will interpret it differently and essentially [...]

Get the right light
Whether it’s a warm sunset glow or a dramatic bright haze, lighting is one of the most important factors to consider when taking great photos. Experiment with different angles to get the best light and play with exposure and brightness when editing your photos. You can even add things like flares, fog and shimmers to photos using third party apps like Lens Distortions. The iPhone 7 Plus has also been specifically designed to take sharper, clearer photos in [...]



My photography career was sparked by an iPhone 4 that I purchased years ago. This phone completely changed my life and introduced me to a world of iPhoneography. My iPhone 4 gave me hope, as a young man, I thought that photography (especially as a career) was far out of my reach.

All photographs in this article were taken with an iPhone.


Over the years I have learnt that:


  1. iPhone is basically an all in one photo capture ,editor and share tool. There are many [...]

Is iPhone notes one of the best free mobile drawing apps?

In the last 4 years I downloaded every free mobile drawing application that the expanse of my App Store has to offer. Interestingly, after each trial and glitch, I became less satisfied with the result and I found myself going back to the built in notes app on my iPhone.

There’s something about the simplicity in the selection of tools at your disposal. Although limited in the choice of colours and width of brush and pen size, [...]

Where this all began - by Marc Forrest

I first came across the concept of “iPhoneography” in about 2009 after I purchased a photo book online by a chap named Chase Jarvis from the US. His book, aptly named “The Best Camera Is The One That’s With You” had recently been released in conjunction with an app Chase had developed called “Best Camera”. The Book & App showcased a number of photos he had taken on his Apple iPhone and showed how we can simply take out our phone, snap a [...]

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