Is iPhone notes one of the best free mobile drawing apps?

In the last 4 years I downloaded every free mobile drawing application that the expanse of my App Store has to offer. Interestingly, after each trial and glitch, I became less satisfied with the result and I found myself going back to the built in notes app on my iPhone.

There’s something about the simplicity in the selection of tools at your disposal. Although limited in the choice of colours and width of brush and pen size, [...]

Divine Cape Town from Silvermine by Cathleen Hughes

Lighting is arguably the most important element in photography. The word photography is derived from Greek roots: “photos” meaning “light” and “graphe” meaning “drawing.” Without light, a pitch black room is simply that. Black.

There are many elements to discuss when it comes to lighting and photography. Lighting can alter the way the exact object and scenery looks. That is why natural light plays such a key role when s [...]


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