Image by @Moography

Social Media is a beautiful thing. It gives regular people a platform to be creative and express how they view the world from a perspective that we may never have done before. Anshuman Ghosh, aka @Moography is one of SA’s most interesting instagrammers. His feed doesn’t consist of #StunningSunsets, #TheMountain or #PartyVibes. Instead, Anshuman creates little bits of artwork for each post, with the help of an iPhone. We [...]

On June 16, 1976, he captured an image that helped to change the course of history. Now, at 80, Sam Nzima is using his iPhone to tell the stories of the future.

History is what happens in the blink of an eye. The camera captures the moment, and in an instant, an image is transformed into a memory, a symbol, an icon of its time. A movie starlet standing on a subway grating, her skirt flaring in a sudden rush of steam. A man in a spacesuit, standing next to a star-spangled banner on [...]

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