Go from good to great when you trade-in at iStore

Parting with your faithful old Mac isn’t always easy. At iStore we’re here to make the process super simple right from figuring out how much your old Mac is worth, to getting familiar with your beautiful brand new machine. 


How do I know the value of the device I am trading in?

Easy! You can do this by visiting iStore or by using the online checker at http://istore.co.za/trade-in/. The online value is subject to change depending on an in store evaluation.


What about getting the data on my old Mac to my new Mac?

It’s important to back up the data on your current Mac. We will take you through the process step by step and making sure that everything is transferred safely onto your new Mac.


I have backed everything up and I know the value of the device I am trading in, what next?

Go into iStore with your Mac and Charger. Our technicians will do an assessment on your Mac and confirm the trade-in value. If you are happy with the amount, you can go ahead and buy your new Mac and your old Mac will then be taken to our service centre to confirm that no 3rd party hardware parts have been installed/used on your Mac. We will also help you transfer all of the data from your old Mac to your new Mac. The trade-in value will be transferred into your account within 14 working days.


What do I need to take with me when I go to the store?

When you go into the store do your trade-in, remember to take your old Mac, your ID as well as your proof of banking details which will enable iStore to pay the trade-in value directly into your bank account. To get a better trade-in value, remember to take your charger with you as well.


How do I get the ‘cash’ back from my old Mac?

You will get the value of your old Mac back in cash into your bank account once we have done a full assessment on your machine and confirmed that no third party hardware parts have been used or installed on your Mac. Once this has been done the trade-in value will be transferred into your account within 14 working days. Please note that in order to ‘complete’ a trade-in you need to purchase a new machine.


Can you help me familiarise myself with my new Mac

iStore offers free in-store training to help you get better acquainted with your new Mac. If your machine was very old, it may be that you need to learn about the ins and outs latest operating system that your new Mac comes with. Visit https://www.istore.co.za/help-center/training-form to make a booking.


For more information visit https://www.istore.co.za/trade-in

For more information on payment options with your iStore Card, visit 

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