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Terms and Conditions

Free iCare Plus for iPhone (ZA311-100) will only be applicable once you agree to opt in to the weekly iStore Newsletter, Cellular Contract and Subscription updates and iStore Product Launches and Promotions (this includes Email, WhatsApp and SMS channels of communication) within 14 calendar days from the date of your iPhone purchase at iStore. If you have already opted in according to our records, you will automatically be eligible for Free iCare Plus for iPhone, but you will still be required to register. The Free iCare Plus for iPhone coverage starts on the same day as your iPhone invoice date and will remain active for 24 months (2 years) thereafter, on the condition that you remain opted in to the iStore communication during the 24 month period. Should you decide to opt-out of iStore communication at any point during the 24 months of Free iCare Plus for iPhone coverage, your iCare Plus will be deactivated and your free cover will no longer be valid. Please note that Demo devices and Pre-Owned devices do not qualify for iCare Plus for iPhone. For further terms and conditions please click here