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10GB Data Price Plan.

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Selecting a subscription type that’s right for you

Should I go for Open Line or Top Up contract?

1. An Open Line contract allocates your chosen package’s respective voice, SMS and data bundles per month. Once these bundles have been depleted you will be charged out-of-bundle rates for any additional usage on your next bill from the Network Provider.

2. A Top-Up contract allocates specific values or a combination of airtime, SMS and data per month.  Once these respective values have been depleted you will not be able to call, SMS or use data respectively for the remainder of the month. This will ensure that you do not accrue additional charges on your monthly bill. You do have the ability to purchase additional Top-up bundles separately throughout the month to maintain your ability to call, SMS or use data.

Sim Only Contract Selection 1 Details:

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Customer Declaration

Please read through our terms and conditions.

I hereby declare my understanding and confirm:

1. The device/s selected is/are my own choice and that the/their features, capacity, colour and functionality are relevant to my needs.

2. The device is only returnable based on technical faults as determined by an Apple Authorised Service Centre of which iStore is one.

3. The subscription (price plan) selected is my own choice and the conditions and billing of the subscription and its benefits in terms of airtime, voice minutes, SMS’s and Data have been explained to me, including any monthly billing, bundles and once-off charges.

4. International Roaming may be subject to a deposit being paid to my selected Network Operator.

5. FUP (Fair Usage Policy) may apply to my contract.

6. I am aware that any VAS (Value added Services) or insurance amendments applicable to the contract and device/s must be done by myself by contacting the relevant entity.

7. It is my responsibility to insure my device should I want the device covered.

8. I am aware of the standard activation/upgrade fee to facilitate my application.

9. All other iStore terms and conditions apply. View them here.

10. All Network Provider terms and conditions apply.

11. If I am applying for a new line, I will be billed on a Pro-Rata basis in the 1st month from the moment that my new line is activated.

12. If I am porting my number,I am aware that once a number port request has been successfully completed all accumulated airtime, voice (minutes), SMS’s and Data on the old SIM and network will be forfeited.

13. I declare that all information contained in this submission is accurate and correct.

14. In the unfortunate event that your device becomes faulty or is damaged, requiring a repair, please always return it to iStore as we conduct Apple Authorised Repairs. If an unauthorised repair is done there is a great probability of the device failing in the future, and the warranty could also be voided. Should you wish to extend your warranty or get damage protection please ask us about iCare.

15. Use of unapproved accessories or software may also void the warranty of your device.

Support Documents

Supported file formats are pdf, png and jpg.

Supported file formats are pdf, png and jpg.

Supported file formats are pdf, png and jpg.

Supported file formats are pdf, png and jpg.

Supported file formats are pdf, png and jpg.

Terms and conditions

This is a summary of deals offered by the Mobile Network Operators which are facilitated through iStore. By completing the contract at iStore, you agree to the terms and conditions of the chosen Mobile Network Operator. All packages that stipulate “Unlimited / Limitless” are subject to the Mobile Network Operators own terms and conditions. For more information, visit the respective Mobile Network Operator's website. See links below:

Cellular deals are subject to change. E&OE.

This form is for cellular upgrades and new line applications.

*Secondary proof of ID may be requested (Drivers licence can be used for this request).

Stock availability and delivery dates will be confirmed by one of our cellular consultants.

*Not applicable to Business Lines. Upgrades can only be processed if an upgrade is due to be upgraded.

Upgrade of existing contract - Original ID document (not driver's licence)*, Proof of residence (not older than 3 months).

New contract - Original ID document (not driver's licence)*, Proof of residence (not older than 3 months), 3 months bank statements (stamped by the bank), Proof of banking details, latest payslip.

Foreign nationals - Valid Passport (Original), Proof of residence (not older than 3 months), months bank statements (stamped by the bank), Latest payslip and valid work permit.

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