Booking a technical appointment at iStore.

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You have a presentation tomorrow and your Mac has frozen for no apparent reason.

The panic sets in and you ask yourself “What do I do now?” 

After cleaning up the spill, take a deep breath in, then out… and book a technical appointment at iStore! 

Technical appointments at iStore cover a variety of aspects from hardware issues with your device. You can even book an appointment for email set up, trouble shooting and software updates.  

The Tech desk at iStore can get quite busy so to avoid waiting around in store unnecessarily you will need to book an appointment online. Booking an appointment ensures your device will be seen to in a dedicated time slot by one of our trained technicians. 

How to book a technical appointment at your nearest iStore: 

Log in to your myistore account 
If you haven’t logged in before,  there is an option an the bottom to create an account.



Select which type of support you need.

type of support

Check availability of slots and select a date and time best suited for you at your nearest iStore. 


If you have purchased your device from an iStore and it is still within warranty there will be no additional fees for Tech Support. 

For devices that have not been bought at an iStore or are out of the warranty,  additional fees will apply. 

The nature of which tech support package you may need will be determined after your appointment with one of our technicians in store.  


See below for the breakdown of charges*:  

* These charges apply for devices out of the warranty and for devices not bought at an iStore. 

The first three packages applies if your device can be fixed within the store. 


Easy Care – R200

In-store quick support

30min or less 


Tech Care – R450

In-store complex support

30min tech desk + up to 2hr back office support 

Tech Care Plus - +R200

In-store complex support 24hr+
This additional charge is over and above the R450 for Tech Care in cases where longer than 24hr support is required on the same Job Card. Total charge amounts to R650. 


If your device can’t be fixed in store and needs to be sent to our warehouse the below charges will apply. 


Tech Assessment – Apple @ R250.00

Charge is used for Out of Warranty Hardware Assessments & Insurance Letter Requests

Devices that the charge applies to: iPhone, iPad, Watch, Beats, Apple TV, iPod, Airports, Time Capsule, Keyboards, Cables, etc.


Tech Assessment – Mac @ R600.00
Charge is used for Out of Warranty Hardware Assessments and Insurance Letter Requests. 

Device that the charge applies to: All Macs.


Before coming in for your appointment, ensure you have backed up all your data. Either on your hard drive or iCloud.**

**iStore takes no responsibility for data lost during repairs/upgrades.



So next time you find yourself in a situation where you need help with your Apple device - remember to book your technical appointment at iStore! 


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