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Trade in your Android Phone and get up to R10 000 cash back

straight into your account when you upgrade your contract and switch to iPhone

Trade-in terms and conditions apply

Did someone say:

“Android Trade in
at iStore?”

Trading in your Android phone at iStore and switching to iPhone is more than just switching your device. It’s switching to better security and privacy features, more support and higher trade-in values. It’s switching to free device setup, free iCare, free training, and the widest range of iPhone contracts available, on any network, under one roof.

Did someone say:

“Great cameras, battery and durability please”

Camera features on iPhone have been designed to help you take the best possible photos and videos with a single tap. Night mode, scene detection, Burst mode, Photographic Styles, Quick take, Cinematic mode and Slo-mo video, work together effortlessly so that you can focus on best capturing the moment. The result? Less editing and more breathtaking, instantly shareable images and video. Now take all of this, wrap it in spill, dust and splash resistant Ceramic Shield surfaces – which is tougher than any smart phone glass – and you get a much longer lasting smart phone that keeps its value for longer.

Did someone say:

“A bit more control over my things would be nice”

Locate missing items

Use the Find My app to help find a missing device or personal item. See its location on a map, locate it by playing a sound or mark it as lost.

Remotely lock your
missing device

Find my iPhone let’s you mark your device as lost and remotely lock it with a passcode – keeping your information secure– and lets you display a custom message.

Family Sharing Groups

Share subscriptions, approve purchases and downloads, keep track of family member’s locations, apply screen time limits and more.

Did someone say:

“I’ll decide what I want shared thanks”

Built-in privacy features

iPhone is built from the ground up to protect your personal information. Every iPhone has secure facial or fingerprint authentication. Apps need your permission to track your activity across other companies’ apps or websites. Your iMessages and FaceTime video calls are encrypted end-to-end. And all that is just for starters.

Makes your location history, history

Choose which apps get to track your location. Apple also doesn’t keep a history of where you have or have not been.

Throws web trackers off your trail

Intelligent Tracking Prevention and built-in fingerprinting defense helps stop advertisers follow you from site to site.

See exactly how apps are using your data

Easy-to-read Privacy Nutrition Labels on the App Store help you choose apps based on how they use your data and whether they track you.

Messages are only seen by who you send them to

Apple can’t read your iMessages while they’re being encrypted and sent between you and the person you’re texting.

Now you’re probably asking:

“How much can I get for my Android Phone?”

Up to

R3 000

Galaxy A52

5G | 128GB

Up to

R6 000

Galaxy S20


Up to

R7 700

Galaxy S21

5G | 128GB

Up to

R10 000

Galaxy S21 Ultra

5G | 256GB

Up to

R5 500

Galaxy Note 10


Up to

R5 900

Galaxy Note 10 Plus


Up to

R6 800

Galaxy Note 20


Up to

R8 600

Galaxy Note 20 Ultra


For trade in values on more Android brands, please visit a store.

Get cash back

into your account

Get up to R10 000 cash back into your account when you trade in at iStore

Book a Trade in consultation with our service desk

Device diagnostics and evalutation done in store

Get cash back into your pocket


Device setup

and data transfer

Make the move from Android to iPhone as easy as possible

Back up your Android phone so that you don’t lose any of your favourite images or data.

Download ‘Move to iOS’ from the Google Play Store

Notify one of our consultants that you’d like to move your data across to your new iPhone

Trade-in benefits

exclusive to iStore

Attend sessions hosted by our Apple Specialist Trainers to ensure you get the most out of your new iPhone.

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